> Listen to Azote talk about the mitochondria

Azote is already giving a lecture about the mitochondria to Kalum.

Azote: You know that it makes ATP though, right? i get if you don't know how but you knew that right?
Kalum: i thought the that was ribosomes.
Kalum: we literally met in afterschool tutoring!
You appear.
Kalum: AHH!! oh it's you.
Azote: Here for an organelle explanation?
You explain to him what you saw in the mitochondria.
Azote: Ohhh yeah it's wild in there khkh.
Azote: For one, the process you saw is called the Krebs Cycle, and it is comPLEX! i won't be able to explain it all right now of course. All you really need to know is that it makes ATP, the cell's energy.
Azote: As for the DNA and ribosomes, those can be explained with a little something called Endosymbiont Theory!
Kalum: okay, i know everything i needed to know. it makes energy, i can plug my ship in it, i get it. bye
Azote: Oh, uh, see ya. Anyways. Endosymbiont Theory is basically just. It's a theory that says that the mitochondria was originally a seperate cell that was entered a prokaryote cell and was integrated into the cell.
You tell Azote you think that theory sounds really cool, thank them, and leave.
Azote: Thanks!

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