1: What is the function of the ribosomes?

A) To decompose molecules

B) To synthesize protiens

C) To transport materials

D) To carry genetic materials

2: Which organelle is part of preforming autophagy?

A) Mitochondria

B) Membrane

C) Golgi Apparatus

D) Lysosomes

3: What is the main type of molecule the cell membrane is made up of?

A) Phospholipids

B) Disaccharides

C) Protiens

D) None of the above answers are correct

4: Can anything pass through the cell membrane?

A) Yes, anything can pass through

B) Yes, but only certain substances

C) Yes, but it's random what can and what can't

D) No, nothing can pass through.

5: Which organelle is claimed by Endosymbiont theory to have started as a separate cell?

A) Nucleus

B) Ribosomes

C) Mitochondria

D) None of them.

6: Which organelle is like the Post Office of the cell?

A) Mitochondria

B) Golgi Apparatus/Complex/Body

C) Nucleus

D) Vacuole

7: Do any organelles have a double membrane?

A) Yes, the mitochondria

B) Yes, all of them do

C) No, but the cell does

D) No

8: What is autophagy?

A) The cell's method of cleaning itself out

B) When cells eat each other

C) A method the cell uses to bring materials into the cell

D) Nothing; the word is meaningless

9: What is phagomorphism?

A) The cell\s main method for digesting fluids

B) The Golgi Apparatus\'s transport of ATP

C) Ribosomes creating protiens

D) Nothing; the word is meaningless

Free question: What is the COOLEST organelle?

A) Ribosome

B) Ribosome

C) Ribosome

D) Ribosome

To submit the answers, input the letter for each answer for each question in order. for example, if I got B for 1, D for 2, A for 3, and so on, I'd put to "BDACBDCBAD". Case doesn't matter, and non-abcd characters will be deleted. There MUST be at least 10 answer letters. If there are more, then any extras will be ignored.